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Pitcairn Islands: On the trail of the Bounty - MS Aranui 5 First arrival on the Island of the Mutineers on January 14, 2019

Since 1984 (see here) Tahiti-based company Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime, also known as C.P.T.M, offers cruises with combined passenger and cargo ships.

The first ship ARANUI I, accommodating 24 passengers, the current ship Aranui 5, commissioned in December 2015, can offer 254 guests accustomed cruise comfort.

Normally, the Aranui 5 travels 13 times a day from Tahiti to the Tuamoto Archipelago, the Marquess Islands and Bora Bora, supplying the remote islands with everything the islanders need.

The French government subsidizes the operation.

This year, PITCAIRN will be launched for the first time.

The company has launched two Pitcairn cruises, departing from Papeete on 10 January and on 21 March.

Also these trips are 13-day, the Marquesas Islands are not in the program.

The detailed itinerary you can see here ...