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AIDA CRUISES: World premiere - first cruise ship with LNG propulstion, supplied by Shell Bunkerboot Cardissa in the Dutch Eemshaven

The AIDAnova was refueled for the first time on Wednesday with liquefied natural gas (LNG). During the Emsüberführung of the Meyer shipyard, ran the Caterpillar dual-fuel engines MaK series M 46 DF, still with diesel.

With an LNG tank filling, the AIDAnova can drive for up to two weeks. The engines can also be operated with heavy fuel oil (HFO) and gasoil (MGO).

The AIDAnova has 2,000 m³ tanks for liquid fuels, which allow the ship to run heavy oil or gas oil for several days!

According to Peter Hackmann from Meyer Werft, there is still no permit for LNG bunkering in Germany. Now the two sisters AIDAprima and AIDAperla in Hamburg were supplied with LNG, which was delivered by truck from Rotterdam.

The liquefied gas was not stored in the ships for the first time in tanks, but fed directly into the one dual-fuel engine (of 4 main engines), which ran while lying in the port for power generation with LNG. 

Carnival Corp., the parent company of AIDA and COSTA, has signed an exclusive agreement with  Shell Western LNG BV (Shell) for the supply of LNG. 

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