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Cypriot shipping company Salamis Tours Holding has sold its only cruise ship MS SALAMIS FILOXENIA. Alleged buyer (Charterer), the Argentine Pampa Cruises.

Cypriot shipping company Salamis Tours Holding has sold its only cruise ship MS SALAMIS FILOXENIA. Alleged buyer (Charterer), the Argentine Pampa Cruises. 

Behind the PAMPA CRUISES hiding mainly the makers of the miserably failed ALTEZA ( s.hier ), who allegedly chartered the MS Dolphin, a structurally identical sister of Salamis Filoxenia. The ship will be marketed under the new name ARRECIFES. 

According to Argentine media, Pampa is said to have bought the ship, but others report a 7-year-old charter. 

Salamis has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission, which has sold its subsidiary Mana Shipping Co.Ltd., Salamis Filoxenia for € 3,900,000.00. At the same time it was announced that the purchase of a new cruise ship is being considered.

PAMPA CRUISES WEBSITE still shows the MS Dolphin, as well as cruises from Buenos Aires, along the coast to southern Puerto Madryn. This seems contradictory, because after the problem with the introduction and not refund of paid deposit for cruises with the Dolphin (renamed Dolphin), the tourism ministry, although still under the name Alteza the operating license deprived, however, given the fact that Pampa Cruises is unlikely to market cruises in Argentine waters. 

The first cruise is slated to depart on January 18, 2019 from Recife, the home port of the MS Arrecifes.

Interesing to see whether this new attempt under a different Name will succeed. 

Stay tuned

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