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Ferry News: Swedish HH-Ferries changes name, inaugurated world's largest Battery powered Ferries on route Helsingborg, Sweden and Helsingör, Denmark.

Swedish HH Ferries Group has inaugurated the two ferries Aurora and Tycho Brahe as the world’s largest battery-powered passenger ferries on the route between Helsingborg, Sweden and Helsingör, Denmark. Changes Name to FORSEA

Held on November 9, the inauguration marks a milestone for the company’s green strategy, according to HH Ferries. The project reduces the company’s total emissions of CO2, NOx and particles by 65% when the two high-frequency ferries are powered by green electricity.

As part of the HH Ferries sustainability voyage, the Tycho Brahe and Aurora ferries now operate fully on battery power.

This makes the route between Helsingborg and Helsingør the world’s first high-intensity battery-operated ferry line, with departures for both passengers and transport operations every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions.

To show that the journey towards becoming the most sustainable transport company in the region is serious, the shipping company will also change its name to ForSea.

Pioneering technology charging fast and green

ForSea Ferries have chosen to charge their batteries with “green electricity”, from non-fossil fuel sources such as wind, water and solar energy. This means that there are no emissions from the two battery-operated vessels.

In total, ForSea’s emissions will be reduced by about 65%, as Aurora and Tycho Brahe will sail more legs than the remaining ferries in the fleet.

A fully automatic laser-controlled robot arm will be plugged into the ferries, recharging them each time they are in port.

This means 5-9 minutes of efficient charging for a 20-minute crossing, ensuring that the ferries will continue to depart frequently and on time.

The batteries are located on top of the ferries along with two deckhouses for transformers, converters and cooling systems.

Battery Container

The battery project on Tycho Brahe and Aurora has lasted more than three years, and with a financial scope of around SEK 300 million (EUR 29,2 million), it represents HH Ferries Group’s largest single investment ever. 

INEA, the European Union’s executive agency for innovation and network, has supported the project with around SEK 120 million (EUR 11,6 million).

FOR SEA (formerly HH Ferries part of Scandlines) operates the Helsingborg-Helsingör ferry route, transporting up to 50,000 passengers and 9,000 trucks, buses and cars across Öresund on a daily basis. Crossing time is 20 Minutes, 24 hours a day. 

With the name change to FORSEA the former Scandline Logo has been removed. 

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