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First ever Fossil-Free Ocean Freight Transport worldwide - Samskip Endeavour sails with 22,000 Liters Cooking Oil

After support from a number of shippers, 'Samskip Endeavor' has burned 22,000 liters of cooking oil instead of traditional bunker. Can used cooking oil be used as a climate-neutral source of shipping fuel?

If you ask the Dutch organization Goodshipping, the answer is a resounding yes.

The organization offers shippers to buy to discharge for the emission of CO2 and other harmful gases that the sewage transport of their goods leads to.

It has now been the first time that the 803 TEU large 'Samskip Endeavor' has used 22,000 liters of spent fuel oil as fuel.

This corresponds to the amount of fuel used by Goodshipping customers on an annual basis, which again corresponds to 40 tonnes of CO2.

It is hydro-treated vegetable oil supplied by Goodfuels Marine.

"With this first bunkering, Goodshipping shows that shippers are able to influence the climate impact of maritime freight in their supply chain. Thanks to the principle of mass balance, any company can now join our services and achieve climate-neutral shipping, writes Goodshipping in a press release.

'Samskip Endeavor', built in 2011, usually sails on HFO or marine gas oil.

The five shippers, who now have green conscience, are the companies Tony's Chocolonely, Dopper, Blygold, Magic Marine and Mystic.

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