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Scenic Eclipse yachts saved (?): Fincantieri and Brodosplit bid for Uljanik and 3 Maj shipyards

Uljanik May 3

A solution for the cash-strapped shipbuilder is being offered by Brodosplit, part of DIV Group, together with Italian shipbuilding giant Fincantieri. Namely, Darko Pappo, member of DIV’s board, confirmed to World Maritime News that the duo submitted a letter of intent to Croatian Ministry of Economy to express interest in Uljanik Group, comprising Uljanik and 3. maj shipyards.

As explained, the move is a response to the call issued by the Croatian Government to EU and local shipbuilders to express interest in Uljanik. The country’s Minister of Economy Darko Horvat confirmed to Croatian media that the letter was received. According to Horvat, the letter proposes capital injection and willingness to take over the management of Uljanik’s restructuring process. However, concrete details were not revealed.

Should new partners be approved they would have to join forces with Danko Koncar-led Kermas Energija, which was selected as Uljanik’s strategic partner for the restructuring process in May 2018.

The most important thing at the moment is the revised restructuring plan that was submitted to the European Commission for consideration, according to Horvat. The new plan, which does not include the impact from the recent wave of order cancellations, calculates that Uljanik’s restructuring will cost 808 million US$.

Scenic has two discovery yachts at Uljanik Ship Yard

In July, Glen Moroney, founder and chairman of Scenic announced that the launch of Scenic Eclipse had been delayed until late January 2019 citing ‘construction issues at the shipyard’. It is unclear if the recent unrest will further push back delivery of the 17,085gt cruise vessel.

In February 2018, Scenic confirmed a second 'discovery yacht' from Uljanik’s Pula yard due for delivery in May 2020 

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