About us

The "Seereisenportal" is a hierarchical catalog from links concerning sea voyages and cruises of all kinds and also offers stories and news about the cruise industry. Target groups of the "Seereisenprotal" are all at sea voyages interested people. The links are mainly for those who want to undertake a cruise or are interested in news and events in the cruise market. In addition, travel agencies, tour operators, yards, cruise companies as well as service-companies get a lot of information out of the "Seereisenportal".

Therefore, the links on the "Seereisenportal" emphasis on travel agencies, tour operators, shipping companies and ships, but the visitor also gets information about ports, yards, recruitment agencies, port authorities,....

In the editorial part we want to give all experienced sea-tourists and those, who want to become one, a set of information as well as Tipps and Tricks around the sea-tourism. In addition current news from the world of the sea-tourism round down the "Seereisenportal."