Advertising on the CruiseshipPortal

Effective Advertisement

Since 2002 the CruiseshipPortal enjoys continously increasing popularity. In the season the pages of the portal are visited far beyond 70.000 times per month.

The mixed clientele of tourists, tour operators, cruise companies and even ship crews makes the CruiseshipPortal an interesting place for effective advertisement. The placement of banners can be realized for a fixed flat fee.

On this page you will find assembled the most important information regarding the placement of advertising banners on our server.

Target Group

  • Advertisers do have the unique opportonity to address operators, travel agencies and anyone who is interessted in cruises
  • The specific selection of entries and the great amount of qualified (interested) visitors creates a very attractive advertising environment

Formats & Rates

Rates for the placement of banners correspond with the duration of one year. Cycles start on the first of every month. All rates are plus taxes.

Considering a combined placement of several banners or entries in the address- or job-directory, you might be interested in the booking of our Combi-Packages with special rates.

80x20 Logo
Price: 200€  -  Position: Content (in front of entry)  -  Duration: 1 year

Price: 250€ (Homepage: 400€)
Position: Right / Content
Duration: 1 year
Banner Design (opt.): 70€  (Flash: 150€)

Price (Flash): 300€ (Homepage: 550€)
Position: Right / Content
Duration: 1 year
Flash-Banners Design (opt.): 200€

Price: 300€ (Homepage: 600€)
Price (Flash): 350€ (Homepage: 650€)
Position: Top / Content
Duration: 1 year
Banner Design (opt.): 85€  (Flash: 250€)


Price: 400€ (Homepage: 950€)
Price (Flash): 600€ (Homepage: 1200€)
Position: Top / Content
Duration: 1 year
Banner Design (opt.): 100€  (Flash: 300€)

Your entry in our Address-Directory
Head Department

D-12345 Musterstadt
Postbox 123456
Telephone: 0049-(0)40/12345678
Telefax: 0049-(0)40/12345677

Price: 200€
Position: CruiseshipPortal Address-Service
Duration: 1 year

Price: 250€ (for Cruise Companies & Concessionaires)
350€ (for Job-Agencies)
Position: CruiseshipPortal Job-Offers
Duration: 1 year

Your Job-Request. With short description, Link & PDF-Document.
Vita und Contact
Price: 30€ (for 6 month)
Position: CruiseshipPortal Job-Requests
Duration: 6 month

Travel agencies & tourist offices

For an entry in the CruiseshipPortal we charge 100 € only once (nonrecurring)



Please contact us by mail or e-mail with all needed information and suggestions.

You will find all contact details on our contact page. Here you will also have the facility to submit a message to us online.

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