What I Hated And What I Loved About MSC Seaside

Here's a full review of my recent cruise on the MSC Seaside cruise ship. I thought I would like it more than I actually did! In this video, explain the good things, the bad things, and a couple of times when things just went horribly wrong. Also, I point out a few of the dumbest design decisions I've seen in all the cruise ships I've ever been on. But on the other hand, a couple of brilliant ones, too.


Australia: Mass Brawl Between Passengers on Carnival Legend

A violent brawl broke out onboard a Carnival Cruise Lines vessel bound for Melbourne and forced it to dock early in NSW. The brawl is said to have been sparked by a conflict over a thong. 30 people were injured in what passengers described as “the cruise from hell”.

The Video shows Carnival security Officers and Hotel Officers kicking Passengers!

Carnival said it called police to "remove a family group of passengers". Police officers boarded the cruise ship Friday morning when it reached port of Eden, NSW South Coast.

On Friday, police escorted a group of passengers off the vessel and into a waiting bus that is understood will take the group to Canberra before they are flown home.

It's unclear whether arrests have been made.